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HANS’ BEAUTY ADVENTURE - Married to Beauty

         on 20 Dec 2012 The Daily Pamp

      Hans Uder is a man of many talents: actor, set designer, producer. He has worked with acclaimed photographers and top publications, but it’s his work as a fine artist that has emerged as his best gift in recent years.         

     Coincidentally, he is also married to a woman that not only loves, but lives and breathes beauty, beloved French publicist Marie Laure Fournier. What are the perks and challenges of being married to a beauty PR lady, where everything beauty is out in the open? He can certainly tell.

     How is it being married to a beauty publicist?

      Her professional life is closely intertwined to our personal life, as beauty products overflow our bathroom cabinets and bedroom closets, our friends are often related to the cosmetic industry, and her assistants always end up becoming part of our unusual family. I am often the only man around all these girls, it’s a bit like being in a sitcom. When we travel, she brings 4 bags of products to try on her vacation, and comes back with more!

      How did she influence your grooming routine?

      Growing up in a small town in the outskirts of Heidelberg, Germany, my routine was pretty basic, using soap and water to shave. I could not at first understand why a person needed so many creams and balms and gels to maintain their look.

      After some resistance, Marie Laure was able to convince me to adopt some of her favorite products into my regiment, and I have to admit, they do make a difference. I switched from a generic drugstore shampoo to Leonor Greyl’s treatment potions, I use Talika Lipocil Eyelash Conditioning Gel to help fill up my eyelashes, and my favorite, the Sampar Eye Roller, a trick that I share with all my actor colleagues in Hollywood…

      How do you fit in the beauty world?

       Quite well! I became very close to many of Marie Laure’s friends, most of whom, of course, are in the industry. They are a fascinating crowd, and contrary to beliefs, our conversations are not around lipstick and conditioners. Besides beauty, Marie Laure loves politics and spy novels with a sexual scandalous twist, in particular since she found out that her great aunt was a spy for La Resistance. 

      You live between Los Angeles and New York. How do you make it work as a couple?

        It is actually good for our relationship. She is a city girl, her life is very busy and our New York home is always crowded with assistants, collaborators, clients. I am, on the other hand, private and I love the peace and quiet. My home in the Hollywood Hills is in nature, you can hear the coyotes at night. It is also a much better environment for me to work. So as much as our life together in NYC is great fun, I need some time to decompress and take hikes. Another advantage of her work is that it brings her to the West Coast quite often, in particular during the Awards season.

      She influences your beauty routine but did she learn anything from you?

I try to eat healthy, and do the master cleanse four times a year. She is French, so she likes her wine and saucisson, and she doesn’t spare butter in her cooking. I hope that I help her make healthier choices at times.

      Tell us, what is the worst part and the best part?

        She really knows how to manipulate me, these PR girls are really smart!! The best part is that she knows how to pull me out of my dark moods. She encourages me to paint brighter colors and positive subjects, and it works. Ultimately She is my Muse.


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