About the Artist​

          Hans Uder spent his childhood in the outskirts of Heidelberg, Germany, a picturesque Baroque-style city located in the southwest part of the country. Born into an engineer family, Uder discovered his passion for art at an early age and after completing his college studies, he set out to explore the art world and immigrated to the United States in 1992.



           Upon finishing language school in St. Petersburg, Florida, Uder moved to Los Angeles, California to study at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre, where he mastered his craft for two years. It was during this time, as a means to support his acting, both creatively and financially, that Uder wandered by coincidence into the visual world of set design.

            In the beginning of his career, he had the honor of being a production assistant and set designer on photography shoots for print publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Esquire, FHM and Cosmopolitan. He was able to collaborate with iconic photographers including Mark Seliger, Robert Maxwell and Chris McLaren, just to name a few. Additionally, Uder collaborated alongside Mauro Borrelli, the acclaimed conceptual designer of “Batman Forever”, “Dracula” and “Planet of the Apes”.  Uder also owes immense gratitude to his mentor, the late Academy Award-nominated costume designer, Theadora Van Runkle, most known for her work on iconic films including “Bonnie and Clyde”, “The Godfather: Part 2”, “New York, New York” and “The Thomas Crown Affair”.

         After focusing solely on perfecting his art for more than 12 years, Uder now feels capable of fully expressing his visual quests with various artistic mediums and sharing it with the outside world. He currently resides in Los Angeles as well as New York City, however he extends his travels to Germany and Spain, where he finds the visual influences are capable of sparking his imagination and allowing him to dominate his creative outlet.​

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